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Latest Articles

How to Revive a Camera That Got Wet

Did You Drown Your Camera? It can happen. A careless moment by a lake, or overly prolonged shooting in the rain without a rain cover and then... ERROR. I recently got a message from a photographer friend of mine in Australia, Colin Levitch. Colin is and outdoor and...

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How to Stack Canon Extenders

UPDATED: Feb 28th 2017 - Note added about loss of infinity focus. Firstly, if you aren't familiar with the use of extenders, sometimes called teleconverters, I'd urge you to read my existing in-depth guide to using extenders for your photography. Extenders allow us to...

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Luminar Keyboard Shortcut Guide

I've just started testing out the impressive new Luminar editing software from Mac developers, Macphun. There's a good reason why Apple have picked these guys for the Best of the Mac App Store for 5 years in a row! Luminar has a lot of powerful features, and allows...

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