Ready to join the Shutter Muse Affiliate Program yet?

Q: What is the Affiliate Program?

A: The Shutter Muse Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to purchase Shutter Muse products such as photography eBooks and digital photography training products. You earn commission by placing links and promotional banners on your web site that directs buyers to the Shutter Muse site to make their purchase.

Q: How Do I sign Up to the Affiliate Program?

A: In order to be part of our program you need to complete this form and agree to the affiliate terms and conditions.

Q: Is there a help page to get me started?

A: Indeed there is!  We’ve made a “Getting Started” guide that’s available in the Affiliate Dashboard once your application has been approved.

Q: How does the Affiliate Program work?

A: It’s easy, you make money by referring customers to the Shutter Muse website. We will then send your commission directly to your PayPal account on a monthly basis.

Q: Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

A: The program is free to join, there are no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

Q: I still have questions about the affiliate program, is there someone at Shutter Muse that I can contact?

A: Of course! Feel free to contact us using the form on the contact page HERE and write Affiliate Help in the subject line. We try to respond to all help requests with 24 hours but on occasion we might all be out of the country shooting so please be a little patient.

Q: Do you have any tips on how to drive more affiliate sales so I can make even more money?

A: Since we have received this question a lot we have compiled a separate detailed guide with some suggestions. Arrpoved affiliates can find the guide in the Affiliate Dashboard.

Q: Are sites outside of the U.S. eligible for the Affiliate Program?

A: Yes, you may join the affiliate program as long as you have a verified PayPal account.

Q: Where can I get Shutter Muse banners to use in the sidebar of my website?

A: We have a selection of standard banner sizes HERE which can be used anywhere you like. You must be logged in to access these banners.

Q: I operate multiple websites, can I still participate in the Affiliate Program?

A: Yes. You’re welcome to promote Shutter Muse across all of your websites. The more links and banners you place on your websites, the more qualified leads you’re likely to send us and this should translate into a higher conversion.

Q: Where can I find my affiliate link?

A:  Simply log into your account here and your link will be visible within the dashboard.

Q: Is my blog or website eligible for the Affiliate Program?

A: Most blogs and websites qualify to participate in the Affiliate Program, but we reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke your membership at any time if we determine that your website contains objectionable material, such as defamatory content, pornography or other content of an adult nature, or if you violate any of the affiliate terms laid out in the agreement that you agree to upon sign-up.

Q: I don’t have a blog or website, can I still participate in the Affiliate Program?

A: Yes. You can still share your affiliate link via email or on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. but you will have to provide us with some evidence that you have a reasonable social media following.

Q: How do I track my sales and earnings?

A: You can log into your affiliate dashboard here to access real-time reports and get up-to-the-minute information about any commissions you’ve earned.

Q: How long is my personal tracking linked stored for when someone uses one of my tracking links?

A: When someone uses your personal referral to Shutter Muse, the tracking cookie is stored and valid for 30 days.

Q: When will I receive my affiliate commissions?

A: Affiliate payments are processed and sent directly to your PayPal account around the 1st of each month. While we usually process all payments on the 1st day of the month, we don’t guarantee payments will be posted by the 1st. We hold payments for a full 30 days to allow for processing, chargebacks, etc. For example, you would receive an affiliate payment for the full month of August, on October 1st.

Q: Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?

A:No, but nice try. You will not receive any credit when making a purchase through your own affiliate link. You may receive an automatic notification from our system to let you know that a sale has taken place, but your affiliate payments will not include commissions for the sale.

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account, is there another way that I can get paid for my affiliate activities?

A: Unfortunately not, PayPal is the only way. It’s fast, safe and secure both for you and for us. We want things to run smoothly and quickly so we have more time to shoot! If you don’t currently have a PayPal account you can set one up for free by simply heading to