Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki has won back-to-back Oscars for his cinematography in Gravity and Birdman. In 2015 he’s going for a rare three-peat having been nominated again for The Revenant. To be honest, I think he’s got it in the bag – the film is another masterpiece.

Why am I talking about cinematography all of a sudden?  This is a photography website.

Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second. Jean-Luc Goddard

I recently discovered the Chivo has been posting photos and grabs from his work over on Instagram.  His account isn’t really labelled, although he’s reached over 200k followers now.  This isn’t some scrappy behind-the-scenes stuff he’s sharing – his still photography is just as beautiful as his cinematography.  What strikes me the most is his masterful use of natural lighting, and wide-angle portraiture.  The Revenant was shot entirely using natural light, by shooting just in the last hour or two of daylight every day.  The rest of the day was taken up with rehearsals for the shot that would take place that evening.  It’s an unprecedented way of shooting, and as a photographer watching this movie, I was totally in awe.  Well worth following this guy if you’re on Instagram.

Faces Of R # 10

A photo posted by @chivexp on

Face Of R # 19

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Faces Of R # 17

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The trailer for the film if you haven’t seen it.


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