General Purchase Questions
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Q:: Are all your prices in Canadian Dollars?
A:: You bet!  Since we are a Canadian business, all prices are in $ CAD, but don’t worry, we accept payments from everywhere in the world via credit card.
Q:: What payment methods do you accept?
A::  We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express via a 100% secure SSL encrypted checkout process.  We take security very seriously here at Shutter Muse.
Q:: I have used up my 5-download limit for one of my products, can you reset the limit for me?
A::  We can, within reason.  This is a safety measure put in place to make sure that purchased products are not shared openly on the internet.  If you have downloaded a product 5 times already and need to download it again, drop us an e-mail.
Q:: Can I order a DVD of the digital files instead of downloading them?
A:: Unfortunately not.  If you are struggling with accessing your downloadable files in any way, be sure to check out our guide or contact us.
Q:: How do I receive my download products after I've made a purchase?
A:: We make it super easy for you to get your downloads so there’s three ways to do it:

  1. – As soon as your credit card details are approved and the order is placed, you’ll be shown a receipt for your order on the screen which includes download links to your products.
  2. – If it’s more convenient to download the products later, we’ll automatically e-mail you a receipt of your transaction that also contains download links to your products.
  3. – If you selected the option to sign up for an account during the checkout process, you can log back into your account at any time at and view all of your past orders and download links to all the products you have ever purchased in our store.

Q:: Can you give me a discount after I have made purchase?
A:: Unfortunately this is not possible.  But we do constantly update our offers so stay tuned to our social media channels, or sign up for the newsletter. HINT: Our newsletter subscribers are always the first to know about new offers and often get exclusive offers that only they know about!

Q:: Do you have any tutorials that can show me how to use the presets, textures or video files that I have purchased?
A:: Yes of course!  We have an extensive selection of tutorials that will get you up to speed on all of this right here.
Q:: I have a different question, how do I contact you ?
A:: You can find our customer service contact page here.  Depending on the type of question, either Dan or our happiness engineer will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Q:: What formats do the eBooks come in?
A::  All books are available in a universal PDF format that can be read on any device.  Some books are also available in ePub or MOBI and this will be specifically indicated on the product page in the store.
Q:: What kind of device do I need to read the eBooks?
A::  Since all books are available in a universal PDF format, you can use practically anything to read them.  This includes, but is not limited to, iPad, iPhone, any personal computer (Mac or PC), Android tablets, Android phone, Amazon Kindle and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  If you have a specific question about a device that’s not mentioned here, please feel free to contact our support team.

Q:: How do I get my eBook from my computer, onto my mobile device?
A::  Since there are several different answers to this question depending on what device you are using, we’ve put together a dedicated viewing guide which you can find here.

Lightroom Presets
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Q:: How do I install my Lightroom develop presets?
A::  Here is a complete tutorial on how to install Adobe Lightroom develop presets. It includes two different videos to help you, depending on how much prior Lightroom knowledge you have. You will also find a PDF version of this tutorial in the download files from your order. Your files can be accessed through the links in the receipt which was emailed to you, or by logging into your account and viewing your past orders.
Q:: Where is the Preset panel in Lightroom, I can't find it?
A::  The preset panel is only visible when you are in the Develop module. Once the develop module has been selected, the Preset panel is located directly under the Navigator in the left-hand toolbar. If the toolbar is hidden, use the TAB keyboard shortcut to reveal it.
General Questions
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Q:: Do you have an affiliate program?
A:: Yes we do.  If you have a photography website and would like to earn a little extra money by promoting our products then you can head to this page HERE for all the details on our affiliate program.
Q:: Are you looking for guest bloggers to contribute to Shutter Muse?
A:: If you’ve got what it takes then we might be.  Use the contact form here and send us a message.  The message should include a little bit of information about yourself and what sort of photography you do as well as some links to previous writing and photography examples.
Q:: I'm about to buy some photo gear, can I click your links to support your site?
A:: Yes absolutely!  We love to get your support when you make purchases from our partner websites.  As you probably know, it doesn’t cost you a single cent more, but it helps us to cover the costs of running the site.  You can find our support links here.

Q:: Can I re-post content that I find on your website ?
A:: In general the answer is no.  We do not offer any Creative Commons license on any of our content so you may not share any of our content or images without express permission.  If you would like to contact us to discuss the nature of your intentions with the content then use the contact for here.

Services Offered
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Q:: We love your tutorials and teaching, can you create instructional products for our company?

A:: Yes we do offer services to create educational content in a range of styles from tutorial videos to full blown eBooks.  Please send a message through the contact page ti discuss your needs.

Q:: Do you offer private training packages and workshops?
A::  We can put together bespoke packages for individuals looking to learn about specific aspects or visit specific locations. Send Dan a note via the contact page here with all the details on what you’re looking for and when you would be looking to do it.

Q:: Do you do speaking engagements on photography?
A:: You bet!  Check this page out for more info.

Photo Gear Questions For Dan
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Q:: What cameras and lenses do you use to shoot with?
A:: Photographers are a nosey bunch so we have an extensive Gear Guide here that goes into great detail on every single piece of equipment we use.