A few days ago I explained what it is that I’m really enjoying about Instagram.  I thought about how I could share some of the amazing talents that I’ve been introduced to on there and decided to divide things up into a few different groups and share them over time.  Working for National Geographic is the dream of many photographers and luckily a good number of their current shooters are sharing regular content via their Instagram accounts.  Whether it’s the wildlife stories, or the photojournalistic side of things that you love about the publication, this list of photographers covers it all.  I hope you enjoy seeing their work come across your phone every day as much as I do.

Paul Nicklen


A photo posted by Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen) on

Steve Winter 


Jimmy Chin


A photo posted by Jimmy Chin (@jimmy_chin) on

David Guttenfelder


Wayne Lawrence


Brian Skerry


A photo posted by Brian Skerry (@brianskerry) on

Jim Richardson


Vincent J Musi


Michael Melford 


Thomas Peschak


Ed Kashi


A photo posted by Ed Kashi (@edkashi) on

Keith Ladzinski


A photo posted by Keith Ladzinski (@ladzinski) on

Ami Vitale


A photo posted by Ami Vitale (@amivitale) on

Marcus Bleasdale


Aaron Huey


A photo posted by Aaron Huey (@argonautphoto) on

Ira Block


A photo posted by Ira Block (@irablockphoto) on

Randy Olson


A photo posted by Randy Olson (@randyolson) on

David Doubilet


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Ok so I don’t shoot for National Geographic……but I’d love to!  Does that count? Maybe (hopefully) one day.  I still think you’ll enjoy following my adventures as well though!



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