MindShift Gear Free Gift & Free Shipping

MindShift is Think Tank Photo’s line of outdoor photography gear. When you spend more than $50 on the Think Tank Photo website after clicking one of my links, you’ll get a free gift which you can choose at checkout.

Note: The Think Tank Photo & MindShift website will only ship to addresses in the USA. You can find Think Tank and MindShift products globally in local stores such as WEX (UK), Camera Canada or your local Amazon store, but the free gift only works if you are able to place an order on ThinkTankPhoto.com.

Free Gift Options

Remember, you need to click one of my links, like this one, in order to trigger the free gift options in the checkout process. These are the items you can choose from:

Note that the gifts available to you may not be the same as those in this screenshot.

If You Have a Problem

Sometimes, clicking the coupon might not activate the special deal due to a particular combination of web browser settings. In this case, you can manually input a unique Think Tank Affiliate Code at the point of checkout. The code you need to input is: 140348.1cb649

It’s important to copy and paste the code exactly from this page so that you don’t miss the slightly hidden period in the middle of it.