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Acratech Ball Head Guide and Comparison

Acratech’s unique ball head designs deliver an incredible capacity to weight ratio, and most of them can transform into a gimbal and a panoramic head for a 3-in-1 solution. In this guide I’ll explain and compare their lineup and give full details of all their tripod heads.

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50 Best Photography Gifts Under $50 in 2019

It can be difficult to pick good gifts for photographers. That’s why we’ve put together this list of great photography gifts under $50 to help you get your photographer friends the gear that they’ll appreciate, without breaking the bank.

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Best Gimbal Tripod Heads in 2019

A gimbal is a type of tripod head that allows you to perfectly balance the weight of your camera so that it can be moved effortlessly in all directions. In this post I’ll compare the best ones on the market this year and make some recommendations for your photography.

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Best Camera Rain Covers in 2019

A camera rain cover is an essential part of a photographer’s kit because sometimes the best photographic opportunities occur in bad weather. For just a few dollars, you can safely protect thousands of dollars worth of gear!

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13 Landscape Photography Essentials

In this guide I’ll explain to you the 13 essential items that I always have with me for landscape photography trips. Sometimes I take a few additional items depending on the situation, but these are the absolute essentials that I think everyone should have with them.

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