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Hey folks, my name is Dan Carr. I’m a commercial, editorial and fine art photographer from Canada who started Shutter Muse as a way to share my passion and knowledge of photography.

I kept a blog on my portfolio website, and one day, when I looked at the analytics, I realized that millions of people had stopped by to read what I had to say. The numbers blew my mind. It was then that I decided to start a new site dedicated to tutorials, reference content, location guides, and reviews for adventurous photographers.

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My Personal Journey

For me, photography was a happy accident. I went to university in England to study Aerospace Engineering, and at the time, I was on a well-defined career path. Shortly after graduating, though, a chance trip to the Coast Mountains of British Columbia changed my life forever. I picked up a used DSLR from eBay before that trip to document it for friends and family, but that very same camera soon became my first professional tool. The mountains’ light, landscapes, and spirit took hold of me, and I have never looked back.

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Photography became my reason to explore new places and develop new skills, whether photographic, mental or physical. That constant challenge is something I have always been thankful for. I don’t like to feel static and stagnant in life or work. The beauty of photography is that there is always a new niche to explore, a new technique to sharpen, or a freshly developed technology that opens the door to new possibilities.

A short film about some of my journey – produced by world famous mountain resort, Whistler Blackcomb.

In the early part of my career, I derived a lot of pleasure from seeing my work on billboards and magazine covers, but that began to lose some of its excitement after a while. In seeking new ways to get those old feelings back, I turned to education and now derive immense pleasure from seeing others push their photography further using the techniques and tools I have given them through my workshops and online tutorials. I love to see photos that have been inspired by and created with the techniques discussed on this site, so please send me an email, or tag me on social media to show me what you are making!

The beauty of all of this is there’s always something new for me to try next month. I can take on a new project that requires new skills, and once I have researched it, failed at it, and learnt how to overcome those failures, I can bring those skills and techniques back to my audience – hopefully inspiring others to take up a new challenge, or explore a new part of this world. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Photo Industry Brand? I Love to Share

Through Shutter Muse and my brand, I’m constantly working with photo industry companies and destinations to create shareable content, whether beautiful images or educational tutorials. Send me an email if you think I’d be a good fit to collaborate with your business or if you would like more information about advertising opportunities on this website.

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