Letter: H

Hair Light

What Is A Hair Light In Photography? A hair light is a lighting term that means the same thing as “rim light”.  Please see the rim light glossary terms for more details on why you might want to use a rim light/hair light and exactly what it does.   Additional Reading What Is A Rim Light? Your browser does not support iFrame. ...

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Hot Shoe Flash

What Is A Hot Shoe Flash? A hot shoe flash is a flash that can be triggered to fire with the camera’s shutter when it is inserted into a standard hotshoe on top of a camera.  The hotshoe from most camera manufacturers allows two-way communication between camera and flash for adjusting the power and the other settings on the flash.  A hot shoe flash does not have to be in a hot shoe for it to operate though, they can also be triggered by using radio slaves such as PocketWizards, which can be connected to external hot shoe cables.  These...

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