Letter: L


What Is A Canon L Series Lens? Canon’s high-end lenses carry a red ring around the lens...

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Lag Time

What Is Lag Time? Lag time in photography is more often referred to as shutter lag.  For a...

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What Is a Landscape When Talking About Taking Photographs? A ‘landscape’ is a specific...

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Large Format

What Is a Large Format Camera When Talking About Photography? When talking about cameras and...

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Latent Image

What Does Latent Image Mean When Talking About Photography? When talking about photography the...

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Lens Coating

What Is a Lens Coating When Talking About Photography? When talking photography and optical lenses...

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Lens Collar

What Is A Lens Collar? A lens collar is another name for a tripod collar.  Please click through to...

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Leveling Head

What is a Leveling Head on a Tripod? A leveling head is something that sits between your tripod head and a tripod, to help you level the head extremely quickly. Without a leveling head it can be tedious and time-consuming to...

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Light Meter

What Is a Light Meter and How Is It Used When Taking Photographs? A ‘light meter’ is a...

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