Month: December 2016

New Reader Discount: Save 10% on Formatt-Hitech Filters

Whenever I can, I try to work with my friends and partners in the industry to bring Shutter Muse readers a discount on the photography gear that I use. When it comes to filters, I use the Firecrest ones from Formatt-Hitech, so I’m pleased to be able to offer you guys a 10% discount on everything in their online store. Simply use the coupon code ShutterMuse10 at the checkout. If you want to see what kind of filters I use, make sure you check out the filter section of my gear guide. NOTE: Formatt-Hitech have two websites, and the coupon code...

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Hasselblad X System Crop Factor and XCD Lens Full Frame Equivalent Focal Lengths

Medium format mirrorless systems are a great way to get into photography with a sensor that’s larger than a full frame 35mm sensor, so long as you can afford the higher price point. Whilst cameras like those of the Hasselblad X System, and the Fujifilm GFX Format are pricey, they are still less expensive than traditional “full frame medium format” cameras which use even larger sensors. When moving from a full frame (or perhaps APS-C) DSLR, one of the confusing things to understand can be the focal lengths of lenses for a medium format system. We are so used...

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