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What Is A Strobist?

The word strobist originates from the blog of photographer, David Hobby.  David’s blog,, primarily discussed off-camera flash lighting techniques.  Strobists are therefore usually characterized by their usage of hot shoe flashes (sometimes called speedlights), to light their images.  The Strobist blog contains a wealth of knowledge on off-camera flash techniques and whilst it appears that it is no longer updated as often as it once was, the name ‘Strobist’ has stuck within the photography community.  These days the term has also begun to broaden and include usage of other types of larger strobes, thanks in-part to declining price points which have made these other solutions more affordable to those that used to be speedlight users.


what is a strobist

I used about 5 speedlights to create this image, that makes me a Strobist! 🙂

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