What Does it Mean to Interpolate an Image? In simple terms, digital image interpolation is just digital enlargement. If you had a photo with pixel dimensions of 6,000 x 4,000 px, and you used photo editing software to increase the image size of the photo to 10,000 x 6,667 px, this would be an interpolation. In this process you have ended up with more pixels than your camera gave you in the file to begin with, so where exactly do all these new pixels come from? The interpolation process essentially moves existing pixels apart and then inserts new pixels in …

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What is PictBridge and How It Is Used in Cameras and Photography? When talking about cameras and photography the term ‘PictBridge’ refers to a photography industry standard which allows digital images to be printed directly from a digital camera without having to first be uploaded to a PC. PictBridge was introduced in 2003 and has been widely adopted by both camera and printer manufacturers; Digital images are printed by connecting a camera to a printer using a USB cable, the image is then selected by the user, which is in turn retrieved by the printer and printed.


What Does PPI Mean When Talking About Photography? When talking about photography the acronym ‘PPI’ stands for ‘pixles per inch’ and refers to resolution of a printed image. Printers measure printing resolution in ‘DPI’ or ‘dots pre inch’ and it is important to understand the difference between PPI and DPI if you wish to print high quality images. If you print an image with PPI which is less than the DPI of the printer then you may notice a loss of sharpness in the final print. This occurs because the printer will have to render each pixel with more than …

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