DxO has just released version 4 of their increasingly impressive Photolab software. The headline feature is the implementation of a new demosaicing and denoising system called DeepPrime. This new technology uses Ai and deep learning to selectively denoise your images without destroying details in important areas of the frame.

The samples appear quite impressive. Interestingly, the technology works directly on the RAW file, instead of working on a converted JPEG for TIF as with Topaz AI Clear. This should bring some advantages over the current king of the denoise hill.

As well as the new DeepPrime technology, the software also features a number of other workflow and UI updates:

  • DxO Smart Workspace: a new dynamic interface that can be easily rearranged by the user
  • Batch Renaming: DxO PhotoLab 4 lets users edit the names of multiple files in a single step
  • DxO Advanced History: Improvements to the previous edit history experience and addition of a new history panel
  • Selective Copy Paste: to synchronise the settings of several similar images by applying individual edits from one photo to another.
  • Instant Watermarking: to add watermarks directly to your photos.

For the first month, users will be able to get Photolab 4 at a 30% discount.