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What Is A Monopod?

A monopod is a camera support that has just one single leg.  They are collapsible, and usually come in different heights with different numbers of collapsible sections.  Most popular are 3-section or 4-section monopods, but you can sometimes find ones with even more.  The more sections a monopod has, the smaller its full collapsed length is, but this is at the expense of some rigidity as the sections get thinner and thinner.



Monopods are an excellent way to support a camera when it isn’t practical to carry a tripod.  They are often used by people using long telephoto lenses as they take the weight of the lens which allows for a much more stable image.  Of course you can’t get extremely long shutter speeds like you can with a tripod, but it is a considerable improvement over simply hand-holding the camera!  They make great travel companions and can sometimes be handy in places that say “no tripods”.

Monopods come in two different materials as well; Carbon or Aluminum.  Carbon monopods are more expensive, but they tend to be more durable and they are also much lighter.

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