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Welcome to the index page for our beginner photography tutorials!  You’ll notice that a few of the links are not active yet….. but we’re working on getting these tutorials together.  Follow on Twitter or Facebook to make sure you know when the new ones are made available.

P.S You should also check out our resources section.  There’s a ton of useful stuff in there and lots of free things to download!

Photography Fundamentals

  1. Understanding Aperture
  2. Understanding Shutter Speed
  3. Understanding ISO
  4. The Exposure Triangle
  5. What Is White Balance?
  6. Photography Glossary (work in progress…)

Camera Fundamentals

  1. How To Read A Histogram
  2. Exposure Compensation (r)
  3. Metering Modes (r)
  4. Focus Recompose (r)
  5. Back button AF (r)
  6. Crop Factor (r)
  7. 5 Ways To Protect Your Camera Gear In Cold Weather

Flash Fundamentals

Lens Fundamentals

  1. Prime Vs. Zoom (r)
  2. How To Read An MTF Chart
  3. What Is Chromatic Aberration (r)
  4. The Ultimate Guide To Extenders Or Teleconverters
  5. The Ultimate Guide To Extension Tubes
  6. Should you use a filter (r)
  7. Image Stabilization (r)
  8. How To Calculate Field of View
  9. How to Stack Teleconverters Together

Filter Fundamentals

  1. Understanding Neutral Density Names & Numbers
  2. How To Calculate Long Exposure Times with ND Filters
  3. Screw-On Filters Vs. Square Filters
  4. How to Carry Your Filters

Lens Manufacturer Terminology

  1. Canon Lens Terminology And Abbreviations
  2. Nikon Lens Terminology And Abbreviations (r)
  3. Sony Lens Terminology And Abbreviations (r)

Reference Charts

  1. F-Stop Chart
  2. Shutter Speed Chart
  3. ISO Chart
  4. Star Trails – The 500 Rule
  5. Long Exposure Charts

Essential Gear Articles

  1. Wildlife Photography Essentials
  2. Essentials For The Traveling Photographer
  3. Macro Photography Essentials
  4. Flying With Photography Gear – The Ultimate Guide

Adobe Lightroom For Beginners

Gift Guides

  1. 2013 Photographer’s Gift Guide
  2. 2014 Photographer’s Gift Guide
  3. 2015 Photographer’s Gift Guide

Reader Questions

  1. What Are The Best Photography Gloves?

Photography Portfolio Website – Essential Guides

  1. 50 Ways To Increase Photography Website Traffic
  2. How To Name Your Image Files for SEO
  3. WordPress For Photographers – Beginners Guide
  4. 27 Incredible WordPress Photography Themes

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Photo Mechanic Keyboard Shortcuts

Corwin Hiebert’s Business Of Photography Series