10 Essential Audio Books For Photography Business Owners

Free Audio books to help creative businesses I find myself on a pretty continuous quest for knowledge, it’s just who I am and how I work.  The problem is that I lead a busy lifestyle, not just with work, but also ‘play’.  Striking a balance is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but I struggle to find the time to read as much as I would like to.  Audio books are a great way to solve this problem because I can listen on the plane while I’m traveling, or while I’m out walking the dog or riding my bike.  Audible is the worlds largest provider of digital audio books so it makes sense to take a look at the best resources that they can offer to help photographers.  Now obviously audio books don’t lend themselves to showing images so these books are more aimed at the business side of things.  Realization that you are in fact, (or about to embark on becoming) a self-employed entrepreneur when you are a photographer, is the first step to a successful business.  You’ll have to manage your marketing, communications, accounting and business development on top of your shooting schedule.  That’s a lot of balls to juggle and you really can’t afford to drop any one of them.  This list of audio books is a collection of the best books for creative business owners or simply people who want to make their work stand out from the crowd.  The first two in the list, The War of Art and The 4-Hour Workweek are absolute MUST READS (or must listens!).

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