The Dark Art Of Film Photography

Darkroom In Use

You’ve been warned!


In an earlier post here on Shutter Muse, I revealed how seductive the call of film photography can be, and that even the oldest, most basic cameras can present a rewarding learning curve. I’m writing this little update several months later to say that first spark of curiosity has led to an ongoing shift in my photographic processes and priorities.

If and when you dare to explore the world of film photography, you might find yourself ignoring the latest rumours of gee-whiz technology waiting to be announced, and instead find the dark, dusty corners of flea markets, swap meets, garage and estate sales suddenly have an inexplicable allure.

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film photography lessons

5 Lessons Learned From A Journey Into Film Photography

Everything old is new again. The Nikon Df might be the latest and most hotly debated, but Fujifilm, Olympus and other manufacturers are clamoring to inject a little vintage nostalgia into their digital innovations. But instead of rushing out to buy the hot new old thing, let me propose that when it comes to getting back to the basics of photography, absolutely nothing is better than the real thing. In this post, I’ll share just a few of my impressions and top lessons learned from a year-long adventure with film photography.