Topaz Mask AI – $20 Discount

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Topaz labs just updated their Mask AI software to version 1.2.0, and with that they are also running a limited time $20 discount.

Mask AI is a piece of software that takes the hassle out of complex masking tasks by using the power of Topaz Labs’ increasingly impressive AI engines. Although Topaz primarily pitches the software as a one-stop-shop that allows you to do the masking and then replace a background, in my opinion, the real power comes when you use it as a Photoshop plugin.

As with all Topaz products, Topaz Ai can be installed as a Photoshop plugin, and it can then output the mask as a layer, allowing you to dramatically speed up complex editing and masking tasks in Photoshop. The GIF below is a prime example of a mask that would take forever to do by hand, so why not let their Ai take care of it for you?

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2 thoughts on “Topaz Mask AI – $20 Discount”

  1. Hi I want to buy your noise reduction, sharpening and Mask AI for an apple. I am in South Africa and need your best price. The Rand dollar exchange rate is not very favorable and I need the software for Photography. What would be you best rate (including all discounts like vouchers)

    • The software is not mine, I’m just providing a discount to the readers of my website. You’d have to contact Topaz Labs directly to ask that question.


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