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What Are Canon EOS M Cameras?

Canon EOS-M Camera

EOS M is Canon’s crop sensor (APS-C) mirrorless camera lineup which uses the EF-M lens mount. These mirrorless cameras do not contain the mirror and optical viewfinder of a traditional DSLR, so they are much more compact, instead using either an EVF or simply liveview on the LCD for composing the image.

They use the same APS-C sensors from Canon’s DSLR cameras, though, so the image quality is very similar and regular EF or EF-S lenses from the DSLRs can be used with EOS M cameras by way of an adapter.

–>> These are the latest EOS-M cameras. 

Note that this system is different to the EOS R full-frame mirrorless system. EOS R uses that larger full-frame sensor, and the RF mount for RF lenses. It is unfortunately not possible to mount the EF-M lenses of the EOS M system, onto an EOS R camera. The flange distance of the EF-M mount is shorter than that of the RF mount, so this makes adaption impossible.

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