Cinema EOS

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What Is Canon’s Cinema EOS line?

Canon C300

Canon have always made video cameras, but after the introduction of video recording to the EOS 5D Mark II, the video industry was transformed.  The sensor in a DSLR is many times larger then previously typical video cameras and the leap in quality was profound. A few years after the so-called “DSLR revolution” in the video industry, Canon launched Cinema EOS with the introduction of the Canon C300.  Cinema EOS is Canon’s lineup of video cameras and lenses that use larger sensor sizes, similar to those found in DSLRs.  DSLRs that are primarily designed for stills photography present a number of ergonomic challenges for filmmaking, so it made a lot of sense to create video specific products.  The CN-E lens lineup was launched as part of the Cinema EOS brand, and delivers a range of prime and zoom lenses that are optimized for video production, including features like 180 degree focus throw, reduced focus breathing and manual aperture rings.  Canon have a dedicated Cinema EOS page on their website for more details.

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