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What Is A Selfie?

A selfie is simply a self portrait.  A photo of yourself taken by you! It’s most often associated with photos taken with cell phones and GoPros when the camera is held at arms length (see sample below), but they can also be much more creative than this.  Usually a selfie is taken as some sort of photographic evidence of fun or travel to a specific location.  If you are taking a selfie, make sure you have a nice background that clearly shows what you are trying to tell people about.

So-called “selfie sticks” were also popular in many places.  These sticks hold your camera out at a distance further away from you than you can reach by just using your arm.  This allows you to get a much larger group of people in your shot, or much more of the background in if you are trying to show where you are.  GoPros work especially well for selfies since they have a very wide angle lens and therefore naturally capture a large amount of your surroundings.



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what is a selfie

A selfie shot with my GoPro on a frozen lake in Canada



 This is a selfie! I took it using a set of remotely triggered cameras and flashes! (I’m on the yellow bike)