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Back Button Focus

What Is Back Button Focus? Back button focus is a focus technique often used by professional photographers who want to independently control their camera’s autofocus and the shutter. By default, cameras usually activate...

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Bulb Mode

What Is Bulb Mode? When selecting the shutter speed on a camera, almost all cameras are limited to...

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CFWA stands for Close Focus Wide Angle, and it typically used to describe a technique that is popular with underwater photographers. The idea is to use a lens that allows extremely close focusing, but still shoot with a...

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What Is Chimping? Chimping is the act of looking at your camera’s LCD screen as soon as you...

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Fill Light

What Is the Definition of Fill Light in Photography? Fill light is form of supplementary light...

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Focus Stacking

What is Focus Stacking in Photography? Focus stacking is a technique that blends together multiple images that were shot with varying focal points, to create a single final image with a greater depth of focus. There are two...

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