Choosing To Be a Photographer: My Journey

For over a decade I’ve lived in the Sea to Sky corridor of British Columbia. The Whistler Valley, home to the world-famous ski resort of Whistler Blackcomb, has been the source of much of my inspiration. This year I worked with Whistler Blackcomb on a short film about the evolution of my career and the choices that have led me down the path to becoming a professional photographer. For those that don’t know, the journey actually started with me as an aerospace engineer in England.

I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of this project and I hope it inspires a few more people to make some bold choices in pursuit of their passion.

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Professional photographer based in Yukon, Canada, and founder of Shutter Muse. His editorial work has been featured in publications all over the world, and his commercial clients include brands such as Nike, Apple, Adobe and Red Bull.

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23 thoughts on “Choosing To Be a Photographer: My Journey”

  1. A beautiful story, well told! What can one say? There are many who could only dream of a job and a life like yours! Good choice.

  2. Nicely done Dan! May you have many years in your future doing what you love. I’ve been at it for 50 years and it’s still fresh every day. You’ll be there sooner than you think as time flies when you’re enjoying the journey. George D. Lepp

    • Thanks for the kind words George! What a nice surprise to see your name pop up here on my site. Having always been a Canon guy since day one, I have seen your images throughout my career. Cheers!

  3. Love the short film. Especially the creative style used to share your story! Always interesting how life has unforeseen twists! I will have to share this with my husband the engineer who had a desire to take a gap year after college to spend in the Sierras/Mammoth Lakes – and did not. He has. dream of back country skiing, and visiting Whistler….we really should before us old farts can’t do it any longer! I really enjoy your website and so glad that I found it, really helped me with my back up solutions after a failed HD.Keep going,

  4. Hi Dan
    Great film and story and beautifully shot.
    My wife and I are actually recently retired UK aerospace engineers. Although our careers were rewarding in a great industry, I reckon yours is turning out to be more adventurous and exciting!!
    We actually met you on Vancouver Island in September 2018 on a couple of occasions near Port Hardy along with some very impressive Black Bears. Trying to (albeit not too successfully) photograph the said bears inspired both of us to become more aware of the amazing natural world all around us and how fragile it is …… We are really enjoying your website and posts.
    Wishing you continuing success with your brilliant photography.
    Nigel & Karen

    • What a lovely comment. Thank you so much for sharing your story! Vancouver Island is such a special place. I’m actually heading there tomorrow for a vacation away from the cold winters of the Yukon.

  5. Very nice storytelling! I enjoyed how you wove your professional progress into this piece about the project. Photographers come from all kinds of different backgrounds, some were aerospace engineers, some soldiers, journalists, and nurses. Some are purely task driven, some enjoy nature while they perform their task, and for some of us it is a form of communication with our Creator, as His creation inspires our own creativity to His glory because what He created is perfect, and good, we just get to capture the light reflecting of it, and get to discover and shsre the details others overlook.


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