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Affinity Photo Keyboard Shortcuts

Affinity Photo is a new image editing app that burst onto the scene in the last few months. The software will look quite familiar to Adobe Photoshop users, and it allows a similar style of layer-based photo manipulation. With Adobe moving to a subscription based model, Affinity has gone the other way and the app is available in the Mac App Store for a one-time purchase. Today we’re adding to our online resources by providing a page of keyboard shortcuts for reference.

Being a Professional

No matter the scale of your photography business, a professional attitude inspires confidence in your buyer and makes you more attractive as a seller.

Disqus Comments Are Gone

A little housekeeping post today to say that the Disqus comment system has been removed from the site, and we’re back to regular WordPress comments. I’ve had Disqus running on this site from day 1, but many people do not like it as it forces you to sign in...

MindShift First Light Review

We’re taking an exclusive first look at the new MindShift First Light adventure and outdoor photography backpacks. Including comparisons to other MindShift packs, like the Rotation 180 Pro and Horizon pack.

Image SEO – How To Name Your Files

Optimizing images for SEO is an important step in the overall optimization of your website. Correctly naming your files is a crucial step in this process. Find out the best way to name your image files so that they show up in Google searches.

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