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Photography reviews, tutorials, travel and adventure.

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Screw-on Filters Vs. Square Filters. Which is best?

When building out a filter kit for your lenses, the inevitable question will arise; should I use screw-on filters or square filters? In this article I take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of both types, and discuss some reasons you might want to choose either one of these photographic filter types.

Lowepro Whistler Backpack Review

Lowepro’s Whistler line of outdoor and adventure photo packs are designed to be rugged and weather resistant for adventurous pursuits. How does it stack up to the competition? Given that I have lived in the town that the bag is named after, for over a decade, it seemed like something I should take a good long look at.

Lunar eclipse tutorial updated

I’ve updated my tutorial on how to shoot a lunar eclipse, to include my viral image of the Blood Moon from last week’s rare lunar event.

Ignoring Your Competition

It’s Not You, It’s Me (How to Break Up with Your Competitive Spirit) Creative freelancers confide in me on a daily basis and there’s a common theme among those who are struggling: they spend valuable time, energy, and resources concerning themselves with what their...

Over $100,000 raised for charity! –>>1 day left to save 96%

  You guys are awesome!! Big thanks to everyone that has taken advantage of this awesome opportunity to help these charities and get the amazing photo education bundle.  I’m proud to have contributed my latest eBook to the bundle, but we couldn’t make...

My Backup Routine – Early 2015

I’ve decided to document my ever changing backup routine on a regular basis so that it builds a useful resource for people to find a solution that fits their needs, and learn from the mistakes I’ve made and technical challenges I’ve overcome.

8 Reasons you don’t want to miss this crazy deal…

    1. $127 for $3300 worth of products! Well you’ve got to start with this one really don’t you?  You could go and buy all of these products individually from their respective creators, but it would cost you over $3300!  There’s no catch here,...

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