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Understanding ISO

Ok let’s talk about ISO today. What is it and how does it affect your images? When should you use which settings and what role does it play in your overall exposure?

Understanding Aperture

Understanding aperture, and the effect it has on your images, is a key component to becoming a better photographer. Which f-stop should you choose and why?

Peak Design Anchor Links

  Give an old strap a new lease of life A while back I reviewed the excellent Peak Design Leash camera strap.  As well as liking the low profile nature of the strap, I was also a big fan of the quick release system that uses what Peak Design call...

How To Avoid Star Trails – The 500 Rule

Star trails are a wonderful way to represent the night sky with your astrophotography but sometimes we also want to capture stars as singular points of light. I’ll show you how to figure out how long your exposure needs to be to, using the 500 rule.

Shutter Muse Book Club

We’ve put together this handy tool that lists all of the most recommended photography books in many different categories.

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