5DayDeal Video Bundle 2021 Is Here

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The 5DayDeal Video Bundle is back for 2021, and as usual, it features a completely new set of incredible products. For $89 you can get over $2000 worth of digital training and video editing tools. This includes things like stock music, special effects, and LUT packs, on top of many hours in training videos.

The folks from 5DayDeal understand the importance of quality education and they made it their mission to find world-class educators and tools so that those who want to continue the growth of their art or career, can do so at an affordable price. With every bundle featuring a whole new set of products, previous customers can safely buy this year’s bundle.

Charity Impact

10% of bundle sales go directly to charity. During checkout, you can even choose which of the charities you want your contribution to go towards. Over the years, 5DayDeal has generated over $2.2million for its charity partners!

How Do You Access The Content?

The 5DayDeal crew have worked hard on the topic of access in the past year. Once you have purchased your bundle, you will be sent a login for their online learning system where you’ll find all the products. If you want to download them to your computer, you can. Or, if you want to stream them directly from their system, their integrated learning management system will help you navigate the treasure trove of content, marking things as “complete” once you have finished each course.

My preferred method is to use their learning system to watch the courses the first time. Then, if there is one that really jumps out at me as something I will want to re-visit again at a much later date, I mark that one for download and keep it on my computer.

Product List

For $89 you get all of the products in the main bundle, listed below and worth over $2,000. The Pro Bundle add-on is an extra $39, but it gives you $870+ of additional products. The charity bonus add-on is an additional $29, but it gives you an extra $1,145 worth of products. If you choose to buy the Pro Bundle Add-On and the Charity Bonus, you will get the Bonus Add-On for free.

Main Bundle

Pro Bundle Add-On

Charity Bonus Add-On

Bonus Complete Bundle Add-On

Limited Time

The sale ends June 8th at 12:00 PM Pacific (3:00 Eastern). That means, if you miss out, it will be at least another year before you have the chance to get another video bundle this prolific. Learn from the pros and obtain top resources to become more efficient in your video

Customer Testimonials

Here’s what previous video bundle customers have had to say. Taken from the 5DayDeal customer review page.

This 5 day deal has been a really great purchase so far. Between the software, the training materials and the extra content for my videos like music and effects, I’m really impressed with the quality of the content for such a great price! Plus being able to help support a charity by participating in this deal has been excellent. Thank you!

Justin Vachon | Canada

What a boatload of great resources! I am always looking for rich teaching materials and 5 day deals gives me exactly that. What is great about it is that you get a wealth of material that you don’t find on YouTube or anywhere else! Many of the materials come from experts in the field of video production and draw on years of personal experience!

David Anderson | United States

I am amazed at the amount of value in the 5 day deal package! I am so stoked I bought into this and will most certainly be learning a great deal with so much content on hand. The price is unreal and what I love most is you are able to download your content right away. I also really like how they have got on board with so many different charities.

Michael Perkins | South Africa
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