I ordered my EOS RP from B&H Photo nice and early so that I could get the freebies that Canon USA was offering: EF EOR-R mount adapter, and EG-E1 Extension Grip.

To be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted or needed the EG-E1 grip, but I knew I wanted the mount adapter and free was the right price.

EG-E1 extension grip

Now that I have tried the extension grip, I’m happy that I got it and I’ll be leaving it on the camera all the time. I would say that I only have medium-sized hands but I still found that it made the otherwise tiny EOS RP much more comfortable to handle.

EG-E1 extension grip rear view

If you’re thinking about getting this camera, grab it by the 31st March and you can get this (and the mount adapter) for free anyway, and then make up your own mind. Personally, I think most people will like to use it. I really was surprised by just how small the EOS RP was without it!!

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