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Cable Release

What Is A Cable Release? A cable release is a shutter button on a hand unit that can be attached...

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Canon RF Lens

What is a Canon RF Lens? In 2018 Canon introduced an entirely new mirrorless camera system called EOS R. This new mirrorless system has a new mount, the RF mount, which will gradually take over from the old EF mount in the...

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CFWA stands for Close Focus Wide Angle, and it typically used to describe a technique that is popular with underwater photographers. The idea is to use a lens that allows extremely close focusing, but still shoot with a...

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What Is Chimping? Chimping is the act of looking at your camera’s LCD screen as soon as you...

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Cinema EOS

What Is Canon’s Cinema EOS line? Canon have always made video cameras, but after the...

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What Is A Canon CN-E Lens? When Canon launched the Cinema EOS camera line for professional video...

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COB Light

What is a COB Light? A COB light is a type of LED light, with COB standing for Chip-On-Board. COB...

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Color Palette

What is a Color Palette When Talking About Photography and Image Editing? Also referred to as...

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What Does Converter Mean When Talking About Photography? A converter, also referred to as a...

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