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What Does MF Mean On A Camera?

MF is an abbreviation for manual focus.  When a camera or lens has MF written on the side of it, it’s usually indicating the position of a switch that will change the camera or lens from manual focus mode to autofocus mode.  In manual focus mode, you must rotate the focus ring on the lens to achieve correct focus on your subject.  In autofocus mode, the camera will attempt to focus on the correct subject for you.

Secondary meaning: Medium Format (MF) – This refers to film or digital cameras where the image capture area (film or digital sensor) is much larger than standard 35mm sizing.  This acronym is not often used amongst medium format manufacturers, but does get used by media outlets and on internet forums.  Medium format film comes in a variety of sizes; 120, 220, 620.  Medium format digital sensors also come in a variety of sizes, though all are much larger than 35mm.  For more information, please refer to the glossary post about medium format.


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