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Perfectly Clear make a bundle of Lightroom and Photoshop plugins that are designed to speed up your editing workflow. The Perfect Eyes and Perfect Skin plugins are designed to make killer portraits with a minimal number of clicks, and the Perfect Exposure plugin can help with all kinds of images. Whilst many plugin providers aim to give you more control over your editing process, Perfectly Clear have always aimed at the other end of the spectrum: Do as much as possible with as few clicks as possible. For event photographers and wedding photographers who are potentially churning out hundreds of photos every day that need editing, this can be a huge timesaver.

Offer ends July15th

From now until July 15th, they’re offering a $50 discount on the Complete Bundle which includes all of their plugins. There are also discounts on the individual programs, although the package of all three is much better value. I’ll be the first to admit this this style of editing doesn’t suit 90% of my photography, I usually prefer the granular control over things in Lightroom and Photoshop, but in certain situations where bulk editing is a necessary part of the workflow for events, this is a cool tool.


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