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A Complete List of Hasselblad H System Lenses and Their Specifications

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Hasselblad’s made-for-digital H System lenses are available in a vast range of focal lengths from the ultra-wide 24mm to the telephoto 300mm. According to Hasselblad, all of these lenses outperform the fabled Zeiss-made CF lenses that made up the lens selection for the famous medium format film 500 series cameras (the V System).

While H System lenses are much larger than Hasselblad XCD lenses, due to their need to cover the larger image circle of full-frame medium format sensors in the H System range, the lenses can still be used on X system cameras using the Hasselblad H System Adapter. It’s unlikely you’d ever want to buy an H System lens specifically to use on an X System camera like the X2D or the 907x because they are so much larger and more expensive than the native XCD lenses for those cameras. However, if you have some H System lenses, it’s nice to use them on these new smaller cameras.

Hasselblad H System Lens Specifications

By default, lenses in the table are sorted by their widest focal length, placing wide-angle lenses at the top and super-telephoto lenses at the bottom.

  • Use the filters to narrow down lenses shown in the table.
  • Use the horizontal scroll bar below the table to reveal more specifications.
  • Mobile users can press the + button to expand lens details.
wdt_ID Hasselblad H System Lens Aperture Range Equivalent 35mm Focal Length Angle of view (diag/hor/vert) Length Diameter Weight Filter Thread MFD Maximum Image Scale Entrance Pupil Position (in front of image plane) Price Check Lens Name
1 HCD 24mm f/4.8 4.8-32 18mm 104°/92°/76° 99mm 100mm 810g 95mm 0.38 1:9.7 136mm HCD 24mm f/4.8
2 HCD 28mm f/4 4-32 21.2mm 95°/83°/66° 102mm 100mm 850g 95mm 0.35m 1:7.3 134mm HCD 28mm f/4
3 HC 35mm f/3.5 3.5-32mm 26.2mm 82°/70°/55° 124mm 100mm 975g 95mm 0.5m 1:9.6 152mm HC 35mm f/3.5
4 HCD 35-90mm f/4-5.6 4-32 26.6-63.8mm 83°/70°/55° (39°/31°/24°) 167mm 102.5mm 1410g 95mm 0.65m 1:13 187mm@35mm178mm@50mm193mm@90mm HCD 35-90mm f/4-5.6
5 HC 50mm f/3.5 II 3.5-32 37.2mm 63°/52°/40° 116mm 85mm 975g 77mm 0.6m 1:8.8 134mm HC 50mm f/3.5 II
6 HC 50-110 f/3.5-4.5 3.5-32 37.9-79.4mm 62°/52°/39° (31°/25°/19°) 152mm 103mm 1650 95mm 0.7m 1:10.8 (1:5.2) 164mm@50mm161mm@80mm173mm@110mm HC 50-110 f/3.5-4.5
7 HC 80mm f/2.8 2.8-32 60.4mm 41°/33°/25° 70mm 84mm 475g 67mm 0.7m 1:6.5 79mm HC 80mm f/2.8
8 HC 100mm f/2.2 2.2-32 73.3mm 34°/28°/21° 80.5mm 87.5mm 780g 77mm 0.9m 1:7.2 68mm HC 100mm f/2.2
9 HC 120mm f/4 Macro II 4-45 87mm 29°/23°/18° 166mm 96mm 1410g 67mm 0.39m 1:1 149mm HC 120mm f/4 Macro II
10 HC 150mm f/3.2 3.2-45 110.2mm 23°/19°/14° 124mm 86mm 970g 77mm 1.3m 1:6.8 68mm HC 150mm f/3.2
11 HC 210mm f/4 4-45 154.8mm 17°/13°/9.6° 168mm 86mm 1320g 77mm 1.8m 1:7 68mm HC 210mm f/4
12 HC 300mm f/4.5 4.5-45 214.1mm 11.9°/9.6°/7.2° 198mm 100mm 2120g 95mm 2.45m 1:7.5 13mm HC 300mm f/4.5
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2 thoughts on “A Complete List of Hasselblad H System Lenses and Their Specifications”

  1. It would be helpful to have info on the red dot versions vs they perform differently in the xcd and 907x camera depending o. Firmware versions

  2. Hi,
    The equivalent 35mm focal length will depend on the digital back in use.
    The sensors come in many different sizes and take advantage of the image circle of the lens to different degrees.
    Would be great to see a list of all the sensor iterations.


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