Letter: A


What does it mean when a camera or lens has the letters AF on the side of it? Click through to find out in our photography dictionary.

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What Does AL Mean In Photography? AL is an abbreviation of Aspherical Lens and is often used by...

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What Is Aliasing and How Does It Relate to Digital Photography? In photography aliasing is a form...

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Ambient Light

What Is Ambient Light and How Can It Be Used When Taking Photographs? Depending on the scene you are shooting ‘ambient light’ can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. The term ambient light refers to any natural...

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What Is Anti-Shake and how Is it Used In Photography? In photography an anti-shake system...

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ASP Lens Definition ASP is an abbreviation for Aspherical Lens and is used by the manufacturer...

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ASPH Lens Definition ASPH is an abbreviation of Aspherical Lens and is used by the...

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