Move over dot com era…… welcome to dot photography!

An interesting development ocured this week in the world of internet domain names when a collection of new gTLD ( generic Top Level Domains) were launched.  Current TLDs include things like .com, .net and  Essentially, the end part of a URL is called the TLD.

The problem is that website URLs are in very high demand and frankly most of the good ones have long gone with many people buying and squatting on domain names they never even plan to use.  For a new business, it makes it very hard to get a relevant domain name that isn’t overly long or hyphenated.

Well that’s all starting to change. Starting right now!

ICANN, the governing power behind control of domain names has recently unveiled plans to launch several hundred new domains that will help people find something more suitable to their business.  Luckily for photographers, some of the very first new TLDs to be rolled out include photography specific domain choices.  In fact out of the latest batch of 7 new TLDs, 3 of them could easily be used by photographers!

New Photography Domain Names

As of right now you can purchase domains with the following end to them:

  • .photography
  • .photos
  • .gallery
  • .camera

Pretty cool right?

So if you’ve struggled to be able to find a great URL, now you might be able to get or . I can also think of all sorts of creative ideas relating to your geographical location and the type of photography you do.

HURRY! Get yours now

I’m not kidding, if you want a new domain name for your photo business, or one that you intend to start in the future, you need to secure it now.  I had a few things I wanted to grab myself and even after these were available for one hour, all of the ones on my list were taken.  We’re in the lucky position that the the photography industry has been served first in the lineup by ICANN so you have to take advantage of it right now before all the options get taken and people start squatting on the good ones hoping to sell them for hundreds and even thousands of dollars!

What sort of URL should you choose?

In general there’s a few things to consider:

  • The shorter it is the better
  • Try not to have words in it that can be easily misspelled
  • Don’t get one that contains hyphens if the non-hyphenated version is available
  • Avoid trademarked names (note: please consult legal council if you have any more questions on this one, I’m no lawyer!)

If you decided to go for one that has a location in it, say San Francisco, you’d better be pretty darned sure you aren’t going to be moving house anytime soon otherwise you’ll have to change your domain and your hard earned SEO will go back to zero.

Where To Buy Them

There’s many options for domain registration but my favourite is Hover.  All of their registrations include domain privacy settings.  They are a few dollars more expensive than GoDaddy though so they can work if you are after the cheapest deal.  I personally prefer the simple uncluttered experience that Hover pride themselves in but they don’t offer site hosting, just domain registration.  If you register with them, you can then use our special link to BlueHost to get 30% discount on hosting. BlueHost is a great web host for beginners and amateurs who are starting their first proper photography website. For the professionals, I would highly recommend using Kinsta. All my sites are hosted with Kinsta and they have never been faster. Kinsta also have incredible support that is available via chat to help you with anything you need.

Are you going to buy one?  Did you already get one?  Leave us a comment below and tell me what you got!

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