Peak Design Launches Updated Everyday Camera Bag Series with New Models, Sizes and Colours

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Do these folks ever sleep? The insanely popular Peak Design Travel Tripod hasn’t even started to ship yet and they’re already launching a huge range of new and updated products!

This time they have updated the entire lineup of bags from the Everyday series, as well as adding two entirely new models to the line, and offering new size and colour variations in just about every model.

I already have a new V2 version of the Everyday Backpack that has been sent over for testing, and from what I’m seeing on that bag, this is a very refined update to an already popular series of bags.

Let’s take a look at the new lineup, including the brand new models: Everyday Backpack Zip and Everyday Totepack.

Everyday Messenger V2

Everyday Messenger 13L

The Everyday Messenger used to be available in two sizes, but for the new V2 lineup overhaul, the choice has been made for you with only one size available. Technically the full name of the bag is now the Everyday Messenger 13L which tells you both the volume of the bag, and the size of laptop that it can accommodate.

You’ll notice a slightly more rounded aesthetic to all the updates in the Everyday series, and I personally think it looks a lot better than the sharp, straight edges of its predecessor.

Due to hardware and material tweaks all around, the new bag is a surprising 24% lighter than its predecessor.

The Everyday Messenger V2 will be available in Ash Grey and Black for $219.95.

Everyday Backpack V2

The new Everyday Backpack V2 is again available in 20L and 30L variations, but a gorgeous looking Midnight Blue colour has been added. New ultralight zippers have shaved weight off the bag, and the 20L version is now capable of carrying up to a 15-inch laptop.

A new ergonomically improved MagLatch has been added to these packs (and the messenger), and even more pockets have been added to the inside to aid with organization. On top of that, the external side pockets are larger, and a series of hidden straps can help you attach larger objects to the pack as needed.

I have a Midnight Blue 20L Everyday Backpack V2 next to me right now and my first impression is very good. The bag just seems more useable in nearly every way. A full review will be coming very soon…

The new Everyday Backpack V2 is available in Black, Charcoal, Ash and Blue with pricing as follows:

Everyday Backpack Zip

The first of the brand new models is the Everyday Backpack Zip. Essentially this is a simplified version of the Everyday Backpack and instead of having the MagLatch flap at the top of the bag, the whole thing is zippered closed with a continuous zip that runs all the way around the bag.

All other features of the bag are the same as the regular version of the Everyday Backpack, and it’s available in 15L and 20L capacities in Black, Ash, Midnight Blue and a new Bone colour for $189.95.

Everyday Sling

The new Everyday Sling V2 is available in three sizes: 3L, 6L and 10L The previous lineup featured a 5L and a 10L, so you now have a little more choice and the popular middle size has grown from 5L to 6L.

Everyday Totepack

The second entirely new product for the Everyday series is the Everyday Totepack, a mashup of the Everyday Backpack and the Everyday Tote. It can be carried as a tote, or you can deploy shoulder straps to turn it quickly into a backpack.

While the Everyday Tote is still available (and updated as well), the Totepack looks to me to be a more practical product, and it’s capable of holding up to a 15-inch laptop compared to the 13-inch maximum in the standard Everyday Tote.

Compared to the Everyday Backpack, this is a much simpler bag, hence the considerably lower price. It has one external pocket and zero internal pockets for accessories, although you do still get a laptop and tablet sleeve.

The new Everyday Totepack is available for $179.95 in Black or Bone with a 20L volume.

Everyday Tote

The Everyday Tote is the only bag in the previous series that I did not test and review, so it’s a little harder for me to spot and comment on the differences and potential improvements over the V1 bag. At a glance, it appears to be a similar story, with lighter materials and hardware, as well as slight aesthetic tweaks. It’s also smaller than the original bag, but now has the added option of external carry using the supplied strap system that has also been added to the Everyday Backpack and Totepack.

The new Everyday Tote V2 has a 15L capacity and comes in Black or Bone for $149.95.

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