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Photographers are always in need of ways to organize a plethora of small items such as charging cables, batteries, memory cards, Bluetooth remotes, tripod tools and camera cleaning supplies. One of my favourite accessory organizers in the past has been the Peak Design Field Pouch, so I was excited to see them launch its bigger brother: The Tech Pouch.


  • Capacity: 2L
  • Weight: 288g (10.2 oz)
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 9.5″ x 4″ (15 x 24 x 10cm)
  • Colour: Black or Sage
  • Material: Weatherproof 200D Nylon
  • Warranty: Lifetime

With roughly twice the internal capacity of the Field Pouch, the Tech Pouch is really serious about organizing your stuff, and it does it with an awesome accordion design. What I like about this is that the use of very thin and stretchy material for the accordion pockets leaves no wasted space. If you don’t need to use one of the pockets, it will simply be compressed by items in an adjacent part of the pouch. By my count there are 18 different slots and pockets in the Tech Pouch, so you have some serious options for arrangement.

The zippered pocket in the middle of the pouch has elastic pockets for very small items.

As well as all of those slots and pockets, there’s also a pair of elastic loops for holding pens, and an external zippered pocket with a pass-through hole to the interior of the pouch. The idea here is that you keep a USB battery pack in the pouch, and pass the charging cable out into the front pocket, or out of the bag entirely. Actually, I usually pass a paid of cables out through the hole from my Anker 10000 PD battery. One USB-C to charge my Sony mirrorless camera, and one Lightning to charge my phone.

In the centre of the pouch, you’ll find another zippered pocket for the really tiny items. This makes a good spot to store your memory cards if you aren’t using a dedicated memory card wallet.

The front pocket has a pass-through for a USB charging cable, or two.

The exterior of the Tech Pouch is made from rugged, weatherproof 200D Nylon. In fact, it’s so rugged that it almost feels overkill for a pouch that is primarily designed to be kept inside another bag. Having said that, there are attachment points for Peak Design’s Anchor quick-release system, and this allows you to connect one of their popular camera straps to the bag to turn it into a small shoulder bag. Given the size of the pouch, the best strap is probably going to be the slim and lightweight Leash strap, or the Slide Lite – anything else would be complete overkill.

I honestly don’t see too many photographers choosing to use the pouch as a shoulder bag because it’s not large enough to hold a lens, or a camera larger than a point-and-shoot. But PD do pitch this pouch at a broader audience, so perhaps some people will use it that way. If you did want a tiny shoulder bag, the Peak Design Field Pouch is a better option. Although smaller in overall size, the interior volume is mostly one larger pocket which could hold one or two smaller prime lenses.


As far as clever organizational products go, this is easily one of the best I have seen. The use of thin and stretchy material to create the internal dividers means you can fit an incredible amount of well-organized gear in the pouch without it becoming too bulky. That said, the overall size and shape of the case are not very flexible, so I do find that it requires you to leave a specific place in your bag free from other items, in order to have a spot to stash it. On more than a few occasions I packed my bag full of camera gear, only to find that there wasn’t enough room for the Tech Pouch.

If you think your bag is big enough to accommodate the Tech Pouch, you’ll love it if you can swallow the slightly high price. If you’re worried about space, or price,, consider either the Peak Design Field Pouch or the Shimoda Panel Wraps which are both a little smaller and easier to jam into tight spaces.

Where to Buy

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is available directly from Peak Design for $59.95 with free shipping in the US and incredibly cheap shipping elsewhere. Shipping to Canada is just $4.95.

I would always recommend buying direct wherever you can, but if not, you can also find it on Amazon and B&H Photo.

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