27 Incredible WordPress Photography Themes

WordPress is one of the most powerful platforms to build a photography website with and there are literally thousands upon thousands of potential designs to choose from. Let’s take a look at the cream of the crop, the absolute best WordPress photography themes.

Photographers, You Need to Make Sure Your Website Is Using HTTPS/SSL by July!

This topic came to mind as it is something I’ve been dealing with myself at the moment, so I wanted to pass it on to all of you as well. A Google security blog post announced that in July 2018, Google will begin marking all websites that are not encrypted with SSL as “not secure” in the Chrome browser, which currently accounts for about 60% of all web browser usage. What the Heck is SSL? There are many websites out there that can explain the technical details of SSL to you much better than I can, so I’m going to …

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Making Shutter Muse More Secure (and Faster)

As more and more people read this website every month, I’ve been quietly working in the background to make some important updates.  Firstly things should be getting gradually faster and faster as I have been using a magical service called Imagify, to go through the 4000 images on the site and compress them to a smaller file size. This will decrease page loading time, and it’s just the first step in a speed boosting plan that I’ll be implementing in the fist half of this year. I’ve actually been so impressed with this Imagify that I plan on writing a …

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Wordpress for photographersWordpress_beginners

Wordpress For Photographers – Beginners Guide

WordPress is an incredible tool for photographers to use when they need a professional looking website. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to get a full-featured awesome design that can integrate a blog and sales portals for your prints. Learn all the basics in this feature length guide for beginners.

50 Powerful Ways To Increase Your Photography Website Traffic

Increase photography website traffic You want to increase your photography or other creative business’ website traffic right?  Of course you do!  We have websites so that clients can find samples of our work and the more visitors we have to the site, the more potential clients we are putting our photos in front of.  Whether your business model is selling fine-art prints or attracting commercial and editorial clients, I guarantee you there’s room for improvement right away. I’ve complied this extensive list of instantly actionable tips that will give your site an immediate traffic boost.  There’s no one magic bullet though and you’ll have to work at it, but these tips are easily achievable and many of them just take a couple of minutes to carry out so there’s really no excuse.  You don’t want to give your competitors the upper hand do you?

It’s worth noting that whilst some of these tips are specific to photographers, many of them work well for any website and  especially sites for other creative businesses like videographers and graphic designers.

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