PolarPro Launches New Quickdraw Collection – Reviews Coming Soon

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Filter company PolarPro have launched a new series of products today, and none of them are filters. The brand appears to be branching out from the world of filters and filter holders, and I’m guessing that this will just be the start of that expansion.

I already have all of these new products in hand, and I have begun work on the reviews. You can expect them on the site within the next couple of weeks.

The newly launched Quickdraw collection features three different products:

Traverse Strap Mount

The Traverse is a quick-release clamp and camera plate system that allows you to carry your camera on the shoulder strap of your backpack or on a belt. If you’re familiar with the Peak Design Capture, then you know what I’m talking about. On the face of it the two products look very similar, but the Traverse uses a clever looking rotational mechanism to unclip the camera from the clip.

When I publish my review I will of course make some more comparisons to the obvious competitor. The Traverse normally retails for $69.99 but is currently selling at the launch price of $59.99.

Belay Camera Strap

The Belay is a quick-release camera strap system available in three variations. You can either buy the clamp attached to a 1.5″ strap, a 0.75″ strap or you can buy the clamp on its own and attach it to your existing strap.

The Belay uses the same Arca-compatible camera plate that comes with the Traverse (and also comes with the Belay) to allow you to quickly attach and detach a strap from your camera.

The Belay normally retails for $79 on a 1.5″ strap, $79 again on a 0.75″ strap and $59 without a strap. Right now they are selling for launch prices of $59, $59 and $49 respectively.

Apex Tripod

The Apex Tripod is a small tabletop tripod that comes in two variations: Flat base with a 3/8″ 16 stud to mount your own ball head, or with a built-in ball head that features a screw-lock quick release clamp and Arca plate. The included plate that comes with the ball head version of the Apex is of course compatible with the Belay camera strap and the Traverse strap mount.

Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews in the coming weeks once I have had some more time with them in the field.

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