Stay Out There With Adobe & The Creative Cloud

I want to share some exciting news with you guys today!  I don’t normally link back to my personal portfolio website from here on Shutter Muse, but today is a special occasion.  I’m delighted to announce a new partnership with Adobe and their Creative Cloud Photography plan. To celebrate this new partnership, I shared an in-depth story about creating the panoramic image that you see above.  You can read the full story about it, and learn about the adjustments that I made to it, over on my website. Like I said, I don’t often (if ever) post links back to …

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Improving Your Print Sales Page With Rendered Examples

I’m on a journey at the moment to make print sales a larger part of my business model and I want to bring you guys on the journey with me.  Last week I wrote about numbering print editions and this week I have a quick and simple tip that will spruce up your photography website and help customers imagine your images on their walls.

In researching how I wanted to tackle print sales, I must have been on over 50 websites from other photographers who also sell prints of their work.  Whenever a photographer also had a physical gallery space, there was almost always photos of prints hanging in their gallery.  I quickly noticed though that when a photographer doesn’t have a gallery, there was typically no attempt made to showcase their work in any way other than the online thumbnail gallery.  In my (free) eBook; 10 Incredible Tools For Professional Photographers, one of the recommended tools was an iPad app called Shoot & Sell.  This app allowed you to fairly quickly create illustrations of what prints would look like when hanging on a wall in a living room or bedroom.  The app works fine, but the resulting images aren’t very high quality and the number of available ‘backdrops’ is a bit limited.  These images weren’t going to do that job I wanted them to on my website where I wanted images of a specific look, in order to match the overall design of my site.

The solution was to first go to ShutterStock and purchase a 5-pack of image downloads (get 10% discount here).  I then used these backgrounds and Photoshopped some selected images onto the walls.  It’s a simple, but effective way to give people a bit of inspiration and get them imagining your work on their walls. Now most people offer prints in a variety of formats like canvas or gicleé and these might come with frames or they might not.  I would recommend that you keep it simple, just as I did in the images you see below.  I didn’t bother to add any frames in Photoshop and I don’t think that this has any really negative effect.  In fact overall, I’m very pleased with how these quick mockups turned out.

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adobe passwords hacked

Find Out If Your Adobe Password Was Hacked!

150 million Adobe accounts were hacked and the passwords were posted to the internet. Adobe seems to think they don’t have to notify everyone about this. My password was hacked, yet I never got a note from them to tell me. Thankfully there is an easy way you can find out of yours was one of the compromised accounts…