Photoshop for iPad Is Coming in 2019

At the Adobe Max conference, Adobe has shown a beta version of Photoshop for iPad which will be released in 2019.  The new application will support PSD files and sync them seamlessly with your desktop device. This is a nice little hands-on look via The Verge.

Improving Your Print Sales Page With Rendered Examples

I’m on a journey at the moment to make print sales a larger part of my business model and I want to bring you guys on the journey with me. Last week I wrote about numbering print editions and this week I have a quick and simple tip that will spruce up your photography website and help customers imagine your images on their walls. In researching how I wanted to tackle print sales, I must have been on over 50 websites from other photographers who also sell prints of their work. Whenever a photographer also had a physical gallery space, there …

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