Bumblejax Acrylic Print Review (+Deal)

Bumblejax is a Seattle-based print service that is best known for their acrylic face mounted prints. In this post I’ll take a close look at one of my own images printed with this interesting display method, and evaluate the quality and value of this service.

Improving Your Print Sales Page With Rendered Examples

I’m on a journey at the moment to make print sales a larger part of my business model and I want to bring you guys on the journey with me. Last week I wrote about numbering print editions and this week I have a quick and simple tip that will spruce up your photography website and help customers imagine your images on their walls. In researching how I wanted to tackle print sales, I must have been on over 50 websites from other photographers who also sell prints of their work. Whenever a photographer also had a physical gallery space, there …

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Numbering Your Fine Art Print Editions

I’ve never really featured print sales as a part of my business model up to this point in my career. For a long time, the type of photography I was doing editorially and commercially just didn’t lend itself to print sales. The kind of image I might sell to a large company like Nike or Red Bull was great for a eye-catching advert, but rarely was it something most people would hang on their wall for an extended period of time. Though many posters have adorned the walls of teenager’s bedrooms, these are far from “Fine Art” sales. Recently I’ve really …

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