Photoshop for iPad Is Coming in 2019

At the Adobe Max conference, Adobe has shown a beta version of Photoshop for iPad which will be released in 2019.  The new application will support PSD files and sync them seamlessly with your desktop device. This is a nice little hands-on look via The Verge.

How to Auto Import Multiple Edits into Lightroom From Photoshop Round Trip

Video Tutorial Get it on YouTube here, or scroll down for the full text description.   Auto Importing Photoshop Edits into Lightroom At some point in the development of Adobe Lightroom CC an important change has been made that is sure to please a lot of photographers. So far this doesn’t seem to have been reported on, and Adobe’s own online resources still teach a now outdated methodology for this particular important piece of workflow. What we’re talking about today is the process for round tripping a photo from Lightroom into Photoshop and then back into Lightroom again. Most seasoned …

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How to Install Lightroom Presets in Under 30 Seconds

Today I’m bringing you an Adobe Lightroom tutorial in two different ways. Lightroom presets are a key component in speeding up the photo editing workflow. You can make them yourself (time consuming) or you can buy them for next to nothing from a number of different online stores. Once you’ve purchased them, you’ll need to install them, and that’s what I’m going to show you how to today – in less than 30 seconds! Actually I’m going to give you two videos. The first video shows you the best way to install Lightroom presets with the sub 30 second method, …

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21 Essential Adobe Lightroom Classic Shortcuts – Free Download

I recently published a free downloadable PDF guide to all the Adobe Lightroom Classic CC keyboard shortcuts, but it occurred to me that it might also be useful to have a second simpler download that was just a single printable page. The full guide is really useful, and well worth a read because it’ll probably teach you a few things about Lightroom that you didn’t even know it could do, but a condensed one-pager of the most useful shortcuts also sounds like a great idea, so that’s what I’m bringing you here! It’s not possible to memorize the hundreds of …

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