Think Tank Lens Case Duo Review – Unique Features!

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I was browsing a photo store a few months ago and the Duo lens cases from Think Tank Photo caught my eye. I needed some new cases for smaller Sony lenses, so I grabbed a few different sizes and both colours.

The headline feature of the Duo cases is the dual zippers. One zipper runs around the top in a circular fashion, allowing top access to your lens. The second sipper runs top to bottom on the front of the case, allowing you to pull the lens from the front. These options make the cases very versatile. You can mount them on a belt with the belt loop, or you can tuck them into an existing larger camera bag, backpack or suitcase.

Two different Zippered openings in a very clever design.

Padding on the cases is fairly minimal, these are lightweight. They are fine for preventing bumps and scratches but don’t go tossing things around like they’re in a Pelican case.

Each case has a pair of elasticated pockets on the front, but to be honest they are of limited use on the smaller models. On the larger models, they are useful for storing the included shoulder strap or keeping your lens caps safe. The top of each case has a rubberized loop which can be used with a carabiner to secure a case onto a bag for quick access to its contents.

Final Thoughts

These cases were a bit of a spontaneous purchase, but I have found them to be very useful. What works particularly well for me is the lightweight nature of them. You can easily put your lens into the case, and then into your regular camera bag when you travel. This gives you options for later in the day when you might want to switch up to a different carrying method for your gear.

Of course they have a lovely soft interior to protect your lenses. The front zipper is also kept away from the body of the lens so that it doesn’t scratch it.

My only real (VERY minor) complaint about these is that they don’t make a matching rectangular version for a camera body. Sometimes I’ll put my Sony camera in the larger one, but it rattles around in there a bit because of the cylindrical shape. If you are listening, Think Tank, how about it? A couple of rectangular sizes too, please?

Lens cases might seem dull as ditchwater to some people, but I find it useful to have a few in the closet, and I think you folks will really like these. You’re getting the usual robust Think Tank Photo quality in another well designed, unique product. With prices starting at just over $20, I think they are also great value.

Lens Case Duo Sizing

The cases are available in 6 different sizes. In my photos here, you’re seeing the 5, 15 and 20 sizes that I purchased. I use the 5 for my Sony 20mm f/1.8G, the 15 for my Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM and the 20 for my Nikon Monarch HG 10×42 binoculars.

This chart should help you find the right size.

Get a Free Gift from Think Tank Photo

If you click though any of our links to the Think Tank Photo website, and spend more than $50, you’ll get the option to choose a free gift at the checkout! For more information, see this post.

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  1. Hello. Nice product but I need a lens case for my new nikon Z 400 f 4.5 with and/or without the camera. Have you any suggestion? Thank you.


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