Tripod Hack: Duct Tape for Emergencies

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Here’s a quick tip that might get you out of a bind one day. Wrap a small amount of duct tape around the leg of your tripod so that you’ve got a couple of feet of it to use in emergencies. You can use it to mend a broken tripod in the field, fix camping gear, camera bags, studio softboxes, light stands and so much more!

I use the Gorilla Tape brand myself, but any generic brand will do the trick as long as it doesn’t leave too much glue residue. I find that Gorilla Tape stuff is really easy to roll up and peel off over and over again without losing sticking power, so that’s why it gets my vote!

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7 thoughts on “Tripod Hack: Duct Tape for Emergencies”

  1. I always do this with bike pumps, but never thought to do it with my tripods. I will have to see if there’s enough extra space for emergency duct tape on the Peak Design tripod.

  2. This concept is great. I always have some gaffer tape wrapped around a pen in my pack to carry along for small fixes where ever i go.

    You have to be really careful what you stick gorilla tape to. Always do a test. I’ve had some residue problems in the past.

  3. I have done the same thing for years but I recommend using good-quality gaffers tape instead, you don’t want that sticky residue from duct tape around expensive gear…

    • I haven’t had residue issues with the Gorilla stuff, which is why I prefer it over regular duct tape. Gaffer tape can be a good choice, too. But it doesn’t hold up quite as well if you get it wet. Would you concur?

      • You’re right, gaffers tape holds fine if it goes on dry and gets wet but not so much if it goes on wet. I did think of that after I posted, you are probably in some more ‘extreme’ conditions that I am sure for sure… The last time I used Gorilla duct tape it wasn’t the greatest but that was probably 3-4 years ago, I’ll have to check it out again.

      • Duct tape is best for wet situations, but melts under high heat; gaffer tape (which is cloth based) won’t melt but deteriorates when wet. And of course duct tape will harden on surfaces over time. Both will take paint off walls and even finish off of wood (gaffer is less likely); pro tape and painters tape are best for that. It’s hard to leave home with just one… but I’d pick gaffer for being the more flexible and less damaging… though not quite as strong.


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