Month: December 2017

REVIEW: Peak Design Slide and Slide Lite Camera Straps (2017 Update)

The Slide and Slide Lite camera straps has been around for a few years, but these updated versions were launched as part of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2017, along with the launch of the Capture Clip V3. Peak Design Strap Lineup Overview Peak Design’s camera strap lineup consists of three different straps – in ascending order of size: Leash, Slide Lite, and Slide. Whilst the Leash is the smallest strap, this doesn’t mean it’s only for small cameras. In fact I often use a Leash with big pro DSLRs simply because I value the...

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How to Correctly Open RAW Files in Luminar from Lightroom Classic

Another quick Luminar tutorial for you guys today, and this time we’re looking at how to open RAW files. Just like Lightroom, Luminar is a fully fledged RAW photo editor but unless you open the RAW files directly into Luminar from your file browser, it can be a little confusing. If you don’t do things quite right you might end up editing a converted TIFF of your image, instead of the original RAW file. This would definitely degrade the final image quality and you wouldn’t be pulling all of the available dynamic range out of the RAW file. Luminar...

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