Author: Benjamin Carr

Sony and Zeiss Lens Terminology + Abbreviations

From the outside looking in, the world of Sony lenses can appear extremely confusing. Sony are a relative newcomer to the photography industry, having released their first ‘Cyber-shot’ fixed lens compact in 1996. Unlike both Canon and Nikon, Sony did not start life as a camera or optics business, they in fact began life manufacturing radios and tape-recorders. This difference in initial direction, and relatively late entry into the camera industry meant that Sony had to look outside their own capabilities in order to gain lost ground on competitors, and eventually become one of the ‘Big Three’ manufacturers in...

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Nikon and Nikkor Lens Terminology and Abbreviations

Nikon Lens Mounts F-Mount The Nikon F-mount is Nikon’s standard lens mounting system. Introduced in 1959, F-mount lenses have been in production for over 50 years and the range currently encompasses over 400 Nikkor lenses; In the 1980’s, with the coming of the auto-focus revolution Nikon, unlike other manufacturers, chose to adapt the F-mount rather than scrapping it in favour of a new auto-focus compatible lens mounting system. This decision cemented the F-mount’s unquestionable claim of being the largest interchangeable lens system ever manufactured. The Nikon F-mount system features a high level of lens and camera compatibility; Many early...

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The History of Canon, the FD Mount and the EF Mount

The origins of global electronics and precision optical giant Canon Inc. can be traced back to humble beginnings in the town of Roppongi, in Minato-Ku,Tokyo 1933. Takeshi Mitarai and three friends, Goro yoshida, Saburo Uchida, and Takeo Maeda founded the ‘Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory’ in a small street-side workshop, and set to work dismantling and examining cameras built by industry leading European manufacturers. Traditionally fetching a high premium in the Japanese market, Precision Optical Instruments dreamt of producing cheaper, Japanese made alternatives. In 1934, having conducted their research, Precision Optics prototyped Japan’s first domestically designed and manufactured 35mm focal-plane...

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