A Roundup of the Best Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Asset Management (DAM) can be defined as highly efficient software that organises and process files whilst advocating collaboration and file sharing of your digital assets. These assets could be documents, photos or videos (amongst many other file types). Whilst it might seem easy at first to create new folders in ‘My Documents’, the more projects you create the harder it is to access and remember where they’re all stored and sorted. This is where DAM can make a huge difference to how you organise your assets to increase work productivity DAM is also important for file safety, security and …

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My Photo Mechanic Video Tutorials Are Here!

I’ve talked about Photo Mechanic many times on this site, and even offer a free keyboard shortcut guide for it. This amazing piece of software has been part of my professional workflow for many years, and my video tutorials for it have always been popular. I’ve long had it in mind that I wanted to offer more, but it’s a complex and feature-laden piece of software that needed a huge amount of time to dissect and explain. Well folks, that’s exactly what I did this summer, so I’m pleased to announce today: Photo Mechanic Unlocked. The first ever in-depth video …

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Photo Mechanic Tutorial – Ingest, Variables and Code Replacement

I published this tutorial on YouTube some time ago, but all of the information still holds true today so I wanted to bring your attention to it. Photo Mechanic is a compelling piece of software, but it can be a bit daunting. I think this video will be very useful for people who are just starting to get to grips with it, perhaps using the free trial they offer. If you already use it, or you’re planning on buying it, you can get a free downloadable Photo Mechanic shortcut guide from me.