What’s the Best Filter Wrench?

If you’ve used enough filters on your lenses, then I do not doubt that you’ve got one stuck at some point. Sometimes, a filter gets stuck on a lens. Sometimes, a filter gets stuck to another filter if you’ve been stacking them, and sometimes, it gets stuck to a step-down ring.

In the past, I’ve tried several methods to unstick filters, including putting rubber bands around them for added grip and putting the lens or filters in the freezer to allow the metal to contract. I’ve also tried buying a cheap pair of filter wrenches, but I ended up with the Sensei wrenches sold at B&H Photo, and I didn’t like them. I do not know why they are rated so highly by the hundreds of customer reviews there! I couldn’t grip anything with them, so I had to look for something else.


Putting things in the freezer works well for unwanted filter-to-filter or filter-to-step-down ring locking. Still, putting a lens in the freezer is not always a good idea, so a wrench is handy if you get one stuck directly to the lens thread. A filter wrench is also the best solution to tackle this problem in the field.

Ultimately, I took to Amazon to see what they had to offer. Having been unsatisfied with the flexible plastic of the Sensei wrenches, I was drawn to the Neewer Filter Wrenches, constructed from rubberized metal. While they are twice the price of the plastic Sensei ones, we’re still only talking about $15 for a pair of them or around $30 for a bundle of different sizes. These won’t break the bank.

Cheaper plastic wrench on the left, Neewer rubberized metal wrench on the right.

Available For 48mm to 82mm Threads

As soon as I got the Neewer wrenches out of the packet, I immediately knew these were the ones I had been looking for. Finally, a simple set of cheap wrenches that I can recommend to people when they run into this problem. The price is reasonable, and the rubber coating grips the filter rings well. If you’ve ever run into stuck filters before, throw a pair of these in your Amazon basket next time you shop there, and I’m sure they’ll come in handy one day. I liked them so much I bought more to ensure I have one in every camera bag.

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6 thoughts on “What’s the Best Filter Wrench?”

  1. Dan: Are the rubberized metal wrenches thin enough to grasp the slim thread ring of a circular polarizer or are they just to meaty, leaving this as a better job for the plastic wrenches? I’ve broken a few plastic ones and I’m ready to purchase the metal ones, but not if they are too big to grab the tiny polarizer rings.


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