The Wayne Simpson Interview

Late last year I sat down for a chat with photographer Wayne Simpson. Based in Ontario, Canada, Wayne creates some of the most evocative portraits I have seen, and has managed to develop his own creative style that invites the viewer to spend time to explore his characters.

The Neil Ever Osborne Interview

Matt’s next interview guest is Toronto-based conservation photographer Neil Ever Osborne. The two on an expedition into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in 2018, and after all the blisters and discussions they had over 13 days on the tundra, he knew that he’d make a fascinating guest for his interview series.

Welcome to the Team – An Interview with Chase Teron

Chase Teron is a Canadian environmentalist, traveller, adventurer and photographer who has visited over 25 countries in search of light and stories. We’re excited to be featuring his content here on Shutter Muse, and to start things off we thought we would get to know him a little better with some Q&A.

Krystle Wright – What’s in your bag?

Australian photographer and filmmaker, Krystle Wright, has what many people would consider the “dream job”. As one of the world’s leading adventure photographers, she’s perpetually on the move and seemingly always carrying an interesting array of camera gear to help with her work for clients such as Red Bull, Outside Magazine and National Geographic.