Best Camera Rain Covers in 2023

A camera rain cover is essential to a photographer’s kit because sometimes the best photographic opportunities occur in bad weather. You can safely protect thousands of dollars worth of gear for just a few dollars!

How to Revive a Camera That Got Wet

Did You Drown Your Camera? It can happen. A careless moment by a lake, or overly prolonged shooting in the rain without a rain cover and then… ERROR. I recently got a message from a photographer friend of mine in Australia, Colin Levitch. Colin is and outdoor and adventure photographer from the East Coast and he was out shooting a cyclocross race in some truly torrential condition. After shooting a portion of the race, his camera (Canon 5D Mark II) gave him the dreaded error message and shut itself down. Colin did the smart thing and immediately powered the camera down, …

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Cloud Cover Forecasting for Photography

Cloud cover can make or break many kinds of outdoor photographic opportunities and that’s why the website Clear Dark Sky should be bookmarked by any discerning photographer. This website, originally intended for astronomers, will give you a cloud cover forecast for a specific time and location. Whilst most people will immediately imagine using this to predict clear skies at night for astrophotography, there’s no reason why you can’t also use it to predict days of overcast conditions which are often preferred for wildlife and macro photography. As you can see from the screenshot, the simple charts manage to pack in …

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