There’s not a lot of advice on this website that begins with me telling you to take your camera into the bathroom, but that is what I’m going to suggest to you today.

For the longest time I really had it in for LCD screen protectors and I never bothered to use them. I believed them to be difficult to apply correctly to the camera, and too detrimental to the image quality on the screen for it to really be worth the hassle. One day I purchased a camera that I knew I wasn’t going to need to keep that long, and I figured I should take great care of it to really keep the resale value high. I finally gave an LCD protector a chance, and ended up buying one from B&H Photo called the Expert Shield. To make a long story short, I now put an Expert Shield on every camera I own! These things turned out to be amazing!

When you’re ready to apply your LCD screen protector you obviously need to give the screen a good cleaning first to get all the grease and dust off it. Expert Shield actually provide a lens cloth in each package, so you know you’re starting with a nice fresh one. Once cleaned though, there can still be dust in the air that begins to settle into your screen before you have had time to apply the protector.

One of the tips I picked up about these things, is to go into your bathroom, turn the hot taps on and close the door for 5 minutes before you apply the shield! The steam that builds up in there prevents dust from flying around, and gives you a nice clean environment to apply the protector. You still need to be careful and and apply it slowly to get a bubble free covering, but you won’t get small dots and bumps from lint or dust being trapped between the protector and the screen.

Pretty cool, huh?

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